Coffee sucked, but the memories are good!

The Prompt: What’s for breakfast? Dinner? Lunch? Or maybe you could write a poem about that time you met a friend at a cafe.

Before the pandemic, there was this cute little cafe that my best friend and I would meet at every week. Our offices were on the same block and it was our little get together time.

When the lockdowns started, we would always talk about how much we miss going there. It was a nice memory to reflect on.

Two years later we decided to go back. I had since lost my job, and she was working from home. We were super excited to be going back, and both got a coffee. We went to our usual table, it was quiet and we were the only ones there, just like we had remembered.

We toasted our paper cups, took a sip, then immediately started laughing. In that moment, we realized that this place has pretty awful coffee.

We realized that we enjoyed meeting up, and didn’t even pay attention to what we were eating and drinking. This place didn’t get any worse. It was the same terrible coffee, but it made me feel a little closer to my friend. We didn’t need to speak, we just realized that we missed our time together when our lives were moving so fast. Ill take that as a positive lesson from this pandemic.

I think its time we find us a new cafe.

Love you, Bestie ❤

Featured image by: Nathan Dumlao

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