I haven’t lost that obsessive spark.

The Prompt: Take inspiration from a night sky. Or, write about a time when “the stars aligned” in your horoscope.

There was one summer about ten years ago where I spent every single night taking time-lapse videos of sunset and sunrise.

I found one and watched it recently. Holy pickle-chips has video quality come a LONG way! It wasn’t a great video, I just used the built in time-lapse function, but I remember being so obsessed. This was before I had a smartphone. I would just stand in my backyard all night with my video camera and a really shitty tripod doing my thing.

I definitely miss those times, but I think younger me would be pleased to know that with things being the way they are, I haven’t lost that obsessive spark.

I enjoy trying and failing, because there’s always a lesson somewhere. I am learning to look back at the zillions of unfinished or half started projects as pieces of my puzzle. The more I think about all of it, the more I realize it’s been connected.

I can’t quite pinpoint how yet, but I think that’s going to be the next lesson.

Like the most famous legume based pop-rap musical act once said –

I gotta feeling

*ok, that ending was so cheesy it would make Chester Cheetah go vegan.

Featured image by: Khamkéo Vilaysing

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